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* is a toolbox for Proxy Creating Proccess.
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Toolbox for Creating & Managing Own Data Center Proxy IP's

Many Proxy Resellers & Providers using to supply Proxy IP's for their clients. Now You can create your own Proxy IP's directly with our tools!

Create Datacenter Proxies

Pick membership you need, obtain keys from selected provider and insert number of proxies you want to create.

Get your Proxies

We have buil-in API to get list or random single Proxy IP directly to your BOT or Scrapping Software.

Delete your proxies

Once you are done, just call our API or click on one button to destroy all your live Proxy Servers.

CreateProxy is Growing Fast

In past few months we build strong relationship with our clients. CreateProxy is now used by thousands of infividuals and many businesses around the world.

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Registered Users

250 000+

Servers Created

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Now Live Servers

Create Proxies in 3 Easy Steps

Your own Proxy Servers are just 3 Steps Away...


Sign-up to

Sign-up and pick membership based on volume IP's you want to create with If you just want to try our service, you can alway create up-to 5 Proxy Servers for Free.

Register to

Pick one or more providers

Create Proxy currently support Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, UpCloud, 99stack, Rackspace, 100TB, Vultr, Linode, Digital Ocean so you can pick one or more providers and follow our tutorials.

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Create Proxies and use them

Just select your provider, set number of proxies you want to create and CreateProxy will do the rest! As a result you will get list of your own Private Proxy IP's with login details.
We do provide also API to automate proccess of creating or deleting your Live Proxy Servers.

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Simple Pricing

Always Try Before Buy! It's FREE to Add 1 Provider Account and Create Up-to 3 Proxy Servers & Make Up-to 10 API Calls.

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Looking for way how to create Proxy IP's on Vulr?CreateProxy is Totally Free Tool which help you to create any number of own, elite, datacenter proxy IP's. For limited time VULTR is offering $100 FREE CREDIT!

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