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We provide super fast, high anonymous, elite, level 1, socks5, proxies in multiple datacenters around the world. These are private proxies. No one will be using them except for you. If you are looking for cheaper shared proxies which are shared with up-to 3 customers check out our Shared Proxy Deal or we also offer super powerfull IPv6 Private Proxies which give you access to your private IPv6 Proxy Network!

Select Proxy Location

Select Location of your Proxies by click on Datacenter Location, We are offering Proxies in many Datacenters around the world, but we may have no Stock Proxies in every Datacenter.

  • Stock Proxies - This Proxies are ready to be used right after Payment is Received. If number od Proxies is bigger than available stock, rest of Proxies will be added to pre-ordered Proxies and will be delivered as new server is deployed.
  • Pre-order Proxies - This Proxies are waiting for a minimal number of sales, right after (up-to 24 hours) we receive enough orders for datacenter with no stock proxies we deploy server and you will receive your proxies. This usually takes up-to few days and as a result you will receive never used, brand new Private Proxies!

    IMPORTANT: If we failed to deliver Pre-ordered Proxies up-to 14 days, on Order Page you can request refund for undelivered Proxies or you can wait until we receive minimal number of orders for selected server! Also for pre-ordered Proxies, we do not offer refund before this 14 days period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bandwidth of your Proxies?

When it comes on Proxies most important indicator on 'How good they may be' is Bandwidth. Our servers has minimal guaranted Bandwidth per second 1,000 mb (1Gbps) - this makes at least 2,629,749 gb (2,629Tb) of Bandwidth per single machine available per month. You may find other services, with bandwidth even less then 10,000 Gb / month per machine and that is HUGE difference!

2. What machines do you use?
3. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Payment by Balance.

4. Do you provide refunds?

We cannot provide refunds, our service just works, If you waste your Private Proxy IP by sending too many requests etc and get your IP banned for example - this is your problem and you need to know what you are doing and how (for this reson we are providing IPv6 Proxy Private Network). We do provide refunds if service generally does not work (Proxy can not be used to any server) or when we failed to deliver your order. Also for Shared Proxies we are allowing our customers to tell us what target will be this proxies used for, if you share this information with us our system will assign you Proxies used by users who also tell us for what site they use Proxies - so we automatically make sure, that shared Proxy you get is not used by other users for same website / target (this service is free and fully optional).

5. How often can I get new IP addresses?

You can get fresh proxies each month. Just contact us if you want to do so.

6. Can I use these proxies on more than one computer at a time?

Yes, we are not providing IP restriction on Private or Shared Proxies. All Proxies are secured by Port, Username and Password, so yes you can use our Proxies how ever you want.

7. Can I resell my Proxies or can I do Business with you?

Yes, our best customers are resellers and agencies. If you prove, that you are reseller or agency and place permanent backlink to your site you can get additional 10% discount on all future orders on

8. Does Private mean Private?

For others Private Proxy mean up-to two users who is using same Proxy, this information can be found on many websites, we simply does not accept this, because for us Private mean really Private, only one users for one IP. Also For shared Proxies we never share single Proxy with more then 3 users, while others say only 'Shared Proxy may be shared with more users' - this may and often mean that Shared Proxy may be used by hundreds of their customers!

9. How to renew or cancell my Proxies?

You are not in a contract with us, simply If you not renew your Proxies they will deleted. If you want cancell your Proxies simply do not Renew them. We will send you 1 week and 1 Day before your Proxies will be deleted email with informations on how to renew them.

10. Do I need to sign-up to order Proxies?

No, Proxies are about Privacy so for now you can go without registration, after payment is received and Proxies installed, you can find your Proxies on Order Page. All you need is Order Page URL Address.