Support & Questions Category: Feature Requests Increase Char Limit at Auth Settings
Peter asked 1 Month ago

Hey, could you increase the Char Limit at the Auth settings tab? Its limited to about 4 chars atm.

If I take a provider like Google Cloud i can make manual more than 4 chars so i guess its just a small bug and easy to fix!

Thanks in advance!

3 Answers
Zdenek Moderator answered 1 Month ago

Sorry what password you want to increase, that passwords which may be set for specific provider on Add Proxy Page or at Settings Page (Default Credentials)?

Peter answered 1 Month ago

Talking about the Default Proxy Username/Password.

Zdenek Moderator answered 1 Month ago

OK then I'm lost since there is limit from 3 - 10 characters for password or username at maybe you are trying to add numbers, numbers or any special characters are not allowed as username or password.