Support & Questions Category: Amazon AWS Questions More than 1 IPV4 HTTP proxy per AWS Instance
Gabriela asked 24 Days ago

please add this it is very helpful. somehow i cant access the 256 ip per proxy options (like i cant use it i dont know why)

need help for that too

9 Answers
Zdenek Moderator answered 24 Days ago

Hello, disabled Proxy services for Amazon AWS (and others) waiting for me to debug them. Once I will find some time and this new services pass my tests, then they will become available.

Thanks for question!

Gabriela answered 24 Days ago

can you please make it available because most people are looking for this creating many instances for only 1 proxy is not good for account health on aws and aws is really strict

Gabriela answered 24 Days ago

and more specifically add 256 IPV6 and not IPV6 thank you most sites dont support ipv6 or have problems in accessing

Zdenek Moderator answered 24 Days ago

Listen, you may get 256 IPv6 ips for Amazon AWS, but only one IPv4 and I'm not planning support for floating / failover IP's amazon right now (not only because extra IP cost nearly same as new instance).. on amazon while you are still limited by bandwidth charge.... 

For this types of servers, that will support failover/floating IP's will be released extension of CreateProxy in upcomming days. This new set of tools allow anyone create multiple proxy IP's on single dedicated server / VPS.

Thats all I can say to this right now.

Gabriela answered 23 Days ago

i dont think they do because in pricing its written elastic ips are free to use until they are attached to an instance.

for EC2:

Elastic IPs are totally free, as long as they are being used by an instance. However, Amazon will charge you $0.01/hr for each EIP that you reserve and do not use.

Zdenek Moderator answered 23 Days ago

Ok thanks for letting me know, will have a look into this.

Gabriela answered 21 Days ago

okay because if you do add this im 100% sure u will get more people using your service and ill gladly upgrade to the SUPPORTER MEMBERSHIP from my current basic memebership 

Basel answered 8 Days ago

yes ineed this to pro 

Basel answered 8 Days ago

ex: if ineed make 1000 proxy imust make 1000vbs in my aws acc if you support this iwill upgrade my mempership to i hope you make it